My Story

Welcome to The Fierce Femme Movement. My name is Chiara and I am so, so happy that you are here!

Since 2014, I have been guiding and supporting women to find their fierce through the power of online coaching, wellness programs and community. But before we get into that, let me tell you how The Fierce Femme Movement came to be.

I decided to be a women’s self care and empowerment coach because, well, simply, I am a woman! I understand and appreciate women in all of our infinite wisdom and beauty. I also understand what it is like to have little to no self worth, to be physically and emotionally sick, tired and fed up. I am no stranger to feeling misunderstood, misaligned and miserable. As women, I feel one of our greatest struggles is to stand boldly in our power, and speak up for what we deserve.

Instead, we often spend our lives self sacrificing, people pleasing and generally taking care of everyone else. It’s in our nature to do so. But so often we forget to take care of ourselves, because we feel we don’t deserve it.

This was my reality for many years. Looking back and knowing what I know now about the power of self care, self love and wellbeing, it’s no surprise that with the mindset and behaviours I had, by the time I hit 25 I had a complete physical and emotional breakdown. Cancerous cells, pre-diabetes, panic attacks, poly-cystic ovaries, adrenal exhaustion, anxiety and depression; all came crashing into my life at once.

I fell down. It hurt. But, what I found out when I hit the cold, hard, bottom of my barrel was that if I cleaned up, even just a little bit, that things could change. I could change, for the better.

I realised that despite what the movies had taught me, I needed to be my own hero. No one was going to ride into my life on a white horse and save me from my pain. If I wanted to create the life that I loved, I had to start by loving myself, fiercely. This kind of self love led me to seeking help.

I cannot tell you how many practitioners and healers I saw along my journey to wellness but there was A LOT.  I studied Energy Healing, NLP and Reiki. I took more pills, potions and prescriptions than I could ever count. Some of them worked and a lot didn’t. In the end I found that I needed someone who could empower me to seek out my own answers, someone to provide me with practical tools that I could use every day to support me in finding my fierce.

Once I started to scratch the surface on what I had buried within me, as scary and ugly as it seemed, I began to truly open up to myself. I started saying no when I needed to, and yes when I wanted to. I learnt that if I cultivated radical self-love and began listening intently to my own needs, my fierce would shine out of me, gently, and proud.

Now, my purpose is to provide that space for other women. Maybe you need help finding your voice in relationships, perhaps you need support in creating better health for you and your family, maybe you want financial independence. Whatever you need, my goal is to help you find it and conquer it. Fierce freedom, clarity and empowerment is my vision for your life.

My MISSION is to support, guide and empower as many-heart centred, determined, spirited women to finally step into who they really are. This is the essence of the Fierce Femme Movement. It is the essence of who you are. Because you ARE fierce.